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Paper Sleeve Wrapper

A Buhrs 6000 Paper Sleeve Wrapper for packaging advertising materials will soon be installed at The AdMill Group in Scarborough (Canada). In Canada, these products may no longer be wrapped in poly from January 1, 2026. In anticipation of this, The AdMill Group has already opted for a new Buhrs packaging system.

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100% approved packaging

A Buhrs 3000 paper wrapping system has been put into use at Slovenská Grafia in Bratislava (Slovakia) for packaging manuals for toy building kits. It is important during processing that the manuals and enclosed sticker sheets match 100%, so that each package is guaranteed to contain the correct contents. Only 100% approved packaging will be shipped.

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(from left to right) Herco Koeling en Dick Verheij

Acquisition of Buhrs

Red2Green SME Investments (R2G) has acquired – via subsidiary Inno Packtech – Buhrs Packaging Solutions from owner Dick Verheij. As an investment company, R2G focuses on supporting small and medium-sized businesses. Through the takeover, Inno Packtech managing director Herco Koeling succeeds the previous director, Dick Verheij. The acquisition of Buhrs fits with R2G's strategy, that focuses on supporting growth, innovation and providing continuity to successful Dutch companies.

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At Silber Druck in Lohfelden (Germany), a Buhrs 3000 Paper & Poly Wrapping System was recently installed for, among others, packaging magazines. Silber Druck has consciously opted for a hybrid solution, because the demand for paper wrappers in Germany is increasing. With this Buhrs 3000 configuration it is possible to process postal code sorting. It is also possible to wrap printed matter in foil with a side seal, thus increasing the quality of the packaging.


Om onze groei in goede banen te kunnen blijven leiden, zoeken wij op korte termijn een Tekenaar/Constructeur Machinebouw. Wij bieden onze toekomstige collega veel perspectief en een prettige werksfeer bij een financieel solide en gezonde onderneming. Je gaat onderdeel uitmaken van een team gedreven technische professionals. Buhrs is uitgegroeid tot een toonaangevende, internationale speler voor het ontwikkelen en produceren van verpakkingsoplossingen.

Daarnaast zijn wij ook op zoek naar een Servicemonteur.


Buhrs has developed a fully customized Buhrs 3000 packaging system for Uganda National Examinations Board (UNEB) in Kampala. This system is used for the confidential packaging and preparation of exam forms. Only sets of exam forms that are 100% correct in terms of content - 'nothing should go wrong' - may be distributed. After a thorough exploration based on the technical knowledge, experience and solution-oriented thinking of the engineers, UNEB has opted for Buhrs.

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Buhrs has received a major order from Deutsche Post to upgrade packaging systems with a paper sleeve wrapping module for sending of Einkaufaktuell with advertising brochures. “Previously, the same systems were used to package Einkaufaktuell in foil, but that is no longer the case in Germany. Fortunately, existing Buhrs packaging systems can be converted to packaging with a paper sleeve wrapping. A total of 16 Buhrs systems for Einkaufaktuell will be converted and fitted with an inkjet head for addressing," says general manager Dick Verheij.

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Technical Service is a Buhrs business that focusses on maintenance, production support, modifications, training and spare parts supply of post-press (bindery) equipment, mailing (wrapping and inserting) and packaging equipment. Buhrs Technical Service offer its customers worldwide a comprehensive package of services as well as customized solutions.

More information

In order to keep our growth in the right direction, we are looking for:

  • Service engineer

We offer these technical professionals a bright future at a financially solid and healthy company. Buhrs has grown into a leading international player in the development and production of packaging solutions..

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Job Offer

Om onze groei in goede banen te kunnen blijven leiden, zoeken wij op korte termijn:

  • Servicemonteur
  • Werktuigbouwkundig ontwerper

Wij bieden deze technische professionals een mooie toekomst bij een financieel solide en gezonde onderneming. Buhrs is uitgegroeid tot een toonaangevende, internationale speler voor het ontwikkelen en produceren van verpakkingsoplossingen.

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A Buhrs 4000 packaging system was recently installed at Drukkerij van der Poorten in Leuven (Belgium). The system is suitable for packaging printed matter in foil as well as in paper. The option of hybrid packaging has been important for Drukkerij van der Poorten for the investment. In Wallonia, it will be prohibited from the end of 2022 to wrap publications and folder packages in plastic foil. This prohibition does not yet apply in the other regions, but packaging in paper is clearly gaining popularity and has the future. With the new Buhrs 4000, Drukkerij van der Poorten is ready for this. Buhrs was the world's first manufacturer of paper packaging systems. The accumulated knowledge and years of experience – in addition to reliability and quality – have been important for the Belgian printing company in choosing Buhrs.

Image caption: (from left to right) Barette Ronny, Filip Bousmanne, Dirk Van der Poorten, Dick Verheij and Koos Buis

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At Sagawa, one of the leading printers in Japan, a new Buhrs 3000 intelligent packaging system is again being installed. This system has 23 compact feeders, which can be controlled completely selectively. In this way, every recipient receives a completely personal package of printed matter with customized offers with his purchases. That, in combination with all the built-in intelligence, makes this system so unique. We have developed the software for this entirely in-house. With this software, every document is traced, so that the correct content is guaranteed in the packaging. The net output of this system is well above 7,000 packaging per hour.

It is no longer a matter of debate that packaging magazines and printed matter in paper is the future. In more and more European countries, this is prescribed by the government. Buhrs was the world's first manufacturer of paper wrapping and packaging systems. Solid systems with a very long lifecycle. We recently we have refurbished a Buhrs 3000 packaging system for our partner OK Solutions with an upgrade for paper wrapping. This system was bought by Veldhuis Media in The Netherlands.


Paper industry Adriaan Dekker focuses on the market segment for packaging in paper. In that segment, they have carried out various material tests on various packaging lines for paper packaging, including on a Buhrs. The paper wrapping is becoming increasingly popular in e-commerce and print & mail. One of the latest projects was the delivery of the rolls of paper printed for the Vakdag Print & Sign edition of PrintMatters. The packaging in the paper wraps was carried out by Nic Oud Direct Mail on a Buhrs packaging system. Everything to the full satisfaction of the client.


For the second largest beer exporter of the World Buhrs developed – together which partners Nobleo Technology and Ferag AG – a Depalletizer Singulator (DPS) as an automate part of the packaging line. Goal was to reduce manual work (ergonomics) and truck movements in the packaging area (safety) and improve line performance. The Buhrs DPS is working very well and customers in the food and beverage industry are now looking where they want to installed new systems to improve their efficiency.

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Buhrs is doing well. “Our order book is well filled up to the beginning of 2022,” says managing director Dick Verheij. “The assignments for the coming months are very diverse. Varying from the conversion of 15 foil packaging systems to banderole packaging to the development of a completely new system for packaging internet orders. This brand new Buhrs e-Wrap system will be ready at the end of this year. In addition, this autumn we will be supplying various paper packaging systems in the Netherlands and two large fully automated lines for selective packaging of direct mail, magazines and door-to-door advertising to Japanese customers.”

Buhrs has installed a new Variastream VS4 at Wolanski in Bonn, Germany. The labelapplicator replaces the system that has been used to its full satisfaction for decades. The new generation VS4 offers more functionalities and, moreover, the operators know the labeling system through and through. That did not make it difficult for Wolanski to choose Buhrs' Variastream again. The VS4 processes up to 30,000 mailing labels per hour.

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The newspaper Le Courrier de l'Ouest (Ouest France Group) is ecologically responsibility wrapped in a paper wrap. Entirely according to the latest environmental requirements that apply in France. Especially for this purpose, the module for packaging in foil has been converted to a paper wrapping application on the Buhrs packaging system.


Ouest-France, the largest regional newspaper publisher in France, has purchased two new packaging lines from Buhrs in Zaandam. These Buhrs 3000 systems are used for packaging newspapers in paper wraps. “With this investment, Ouest-France is the first newspaper company to package its products in paper and not foil for shipping," says Buhrs managing director Dick Verheij. "Ouest-France is one of the first companies in France to follow this new environmental measure and thus send a signal to other shippers."

Press release

Koos Buis joined Buhrs Zaandam on November 1, 1980 and still enjoys working there 40 years later. He learned a lot and developed as a very loyal and customer-oriented Manager Sales Support. Congratulations to Koos on this special work anniversary and of course: "A few more beautiful years in good health at Buhrs!"

Paul Furer is back at Buhrs to join the management team as Director Operations. At the start of his technical career, he joined Buhrs as a software engineer. During this period he developed himself into the position of Manager Controls. After more than 16 years of Buhrs, he continued his career at various comparable companies in other industries. Now he is back and responsible for operations, software development and – mechanical and electrical – engineering.


BD myShopi, market leader in door-to-door communication in Belgium, recently moved into a new warehouse in Bornem. In this new central logistics hub of 16,000 square meters Buhrs has installed five new packaging lines. Every week these Buhrs 6000 systems pack advertising brochures and leaflets, which are distributed over 4.5 million mailboxes throughout Belgium. The new Buhrs machines can wrap the retail brochures in both paper or foil. ‘Here in Belgium we see a clear trend towards the preference for packaging in paper wrap’, said CEO Raf Lambrix.

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GT (Greta Thunberg) proof packaging is new standard in France. It stands for packaging in TUV certified Biowrap plastic or in paper. France, being the biggest market in Europe for publication wrapping, has moved away from using normal PE or PP. Publishers are choosing between Biowrap or paper, also newspapers are going that direction. We have to realize that this is a big commitment from their side in direction of a more sustainable world, both wrapping materials are far more expensive than standard PE, depending on size, print and thickness this varies between 3 to 5 times the original cost.

More information: Dick Verheij | +31 6 39 77 56 53

Symeta – a Belgian provider of solutions in effective business communication – switched a few year ago their production for Colruyt to a targeted 4-page booklet for each individual customer. It brought the supermarket cost savings and a steady growth in sales by providing consumers a shopping list based on their shopping behaviour via their loyalty card. In this prestigious project Buhrs installed three Buhrs 3000 paperwrapping lines, equipped with 10 selective feeders each and controlled by the Buhrs Data Controller (BDC).

Business Case

In the Noordhollands Dagblad an article was published that answers the question for personalised packaged brochures. More than 100,000 households that compile their own brochure package via Kiesjefolder.nl receive their brochures on a weekly basis. The packages are tailor-made at Nic Oud on a specially equipped Buhrs production line for poly packaging.


From now on all Buhrs Paper wrappers can be equipped with the Buhrs5000 XL unwinder. The need for more paper wrapping has made us decide to make the Buhrs5000 unwinder available on all our paper wrapping systems.

The Buhrs5000 XL unwinder has the following advantages:

  • Reel diameter upto 50 inch
  • Ability to run Paper and Poly
  • Integrated perforation assembly for easy tear open perforation.

The Buhrs5000 XL unwinder also respects the latest safety and ergonomic market requirements

Buhrs was featured on the Dutch television for a business broadcast RTL-Z named: ‘How it’s done’. This programme gives a good picture of the Buhrs facilities and shows how Buhrs together with customers develops and produces packaging solutions.


Good times are back at Buhrs. “We have an order backlog till mid-2020.”, says managing director Dick Verheij. The activities of Roboxis Packaging, the producer of Palsys palletisers, has been relocated to Zaandam. These systems have been further developed and enhanced with our packaging experience. This has resulted in the first system in production at a large brewery in the Netherlands.

Buhrs DPS is a revolutionary system for the automatic depalletizing of pallets with flat packaging. The starting points for the development of this new system were high net output, maximum automation, reduction of human touch points and the efficient separation of the various discharge flows to minimize the transport movements around the machine.